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September 2013 photo a day

It’s nearly nearly nearly October which surely means we are all gathering pumpkins and making apple pies with freshly picked apples.  You know, with the apples you picked at the apple orchard and ended up with a quadrillion pounds even though you told everyone to only pick a few!

I haven’t been apple picking yet, but I am sure we will and I am also sure we will bring home the required quadrillion pounds of apples!

In the meantime, September whizzed by and brought us a few cool mornings and plenty of afternoon sunshine and here are the photos I took this month.  I have been playing with Flipagram too, so the photos are also all on Instagram zipping past your eyes in the new video format.  I am @catseatdogsmakes on Instagram, go and see what you think.

Day 1. Together

Day 2. My name begins with.

Day 3. Lines

Day 4. Alone.  Had I eaten the rest?  Or was this one the only rice krispie treat which wouldn’t fit in the box?

Day 5. Here forever.  The bird feeder has been claimed by the tree!

Day 6. Getting ready.

Day 7. White.  One of my few ‘going out’ dresses.

Day 8. Made by me.  Zucchini choc chip bread.

Day 9. On the wall

Day 10. Sweet

Day 11. What you did today.  Photo some new jewels.

Day 12. Shadow

Day 13. Unexpected.  Batman on the light pull.

20130915-153635.jpg Day 14. Liquid.  We have moon jellies at the zoo!

20130915-153704.jpg Day 15. Season.

20130915-153732.jpg Day 16. Frame.

20130930-090142.jpg Day 17. In front of me.

20130930-090401.jpg Day 18. Vintage

20130930-090443.jpg Day 19. What is this?

20130930-090532.jpg Day 20. In the morning

20130930-090628.jpg Day 21. Rule of thirds

20130930-091016.jpg Day 22. Made me smile.  I am about a quarter of the way into my scarf..

20130930-091100.jpg Day 23. From my childhood.

Day 24. Space


Day 25. H is for…

20130930-091903.jpg Day 26. Curve.

20130930-091958.jpg Day 27. WTF?

20130930-092039.jpg Day 28. 10 o clock.  We were at the Endangered Wolf Center.

20130930-092130.jpg Day 29. Gold

20130930-092230.jpg Day 30. Found


Another month passes by and the seasons are changing.  I do like the Autumn, cooler mornings and evenings and eventually cooler everything.  Almost time to dig out the scarves and gloves, coats and hats.  I wonder if there is anything in there I have forgotten about?!  I love it when I have a scarf or a sweater I had forgotten all about!  It is like it is new again (if I still like it of course..).

I have managed a full year of photo a day, following prompts provided by Fat Mum Slim, but I am not sure I am going to carry on with them.  I might do a different, but regular photo thingy.  I have seen blogs which do a weekly round up of photos which I like.

Do you like the daily photos?  Do you take them?  I just sometimes think that some photo are just crappy shots to get the prompt fulfilled and I wonder if a few deliberate photos a week to share might not be better.

I will be doing some photo based posts, we will just have to see what!

Happy Monday and have a lovely week.

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