Growing stuff, Six Word Saturday
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Six Word Saturday

Today was warm enough to give the soil in this raised bed a little dig over. In the Spring, I plan to fill it up with lavender, our own mini lavender farm!
Happy Weekend.


  1. thatsummerfeeling1 says

    I’ve never had much luck with lavender. I hope it flourishes for you.

  2. dazzlingdezignz says

    I am jealous! My soil is still covered by two feet of snow! 🙂

  3. I have a lavender garden, too! after I dry them, I put them in baby food jars & place them in a dark place-closet. I then put them in the container part of my vacuum, the exhaust from the vacuum smells yummy. I also put some in cheese cloth bags & put them in my closets, draws & linen closet. I love it so much, that I’ve bought lavender oil & put it on my air filter. I buy lavender cleaning products (meyers’) & candles…so my whole house smells (to visitors, we are used to it) like lavender. sorry for babbling. Have a wonderful harvest. ~amy

      • Here is what i’ve learned, there are different types, that like different things. I sort of mixed them up when I planted them in the dirt. If one seemed to be dying, I would dig it up & plant it in a different place, this seems to work well. Once they are happy, you better get out of the way, they grow so big & beautiful! ~amy

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