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8/52 Weekly Photos, Living Arrows and Purple



Purple was the colour of the week last week in the #colorcolour project thanks to the great minds of Hula Seventy and Xanthe Berkeley.  It is amazing what you spot when you are looking out for a specific colour.  I though I would find nothing at all purple, even though I walk past the purple wall at the YMCA nearly every day!  Purple flowers were in my Valentine’s bunch and I love violet sweeties.






I took the photos of Pablo with my Canon and I like the way they have captured him, especially when he kicks up the ground behind him like he is ready to race!

I started a granny square using Pip’s beginner video (still not finished it, but I will and I will be sure to share my crochet triumph!)

Mr Y and I went out with the metal detector into the deepest woods yesterday looking for treasure.  We found some old rusty nails, a couple of bottle caps and some bugs hiding from the cold.  Better luck next time!  I am including this last photo as part of the Living Arrows project which is hosted by I Heart Snapping to celebrate our kids and all they get up to!



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