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Through the Lens Thursday. Hands.

20140227-110152.jpgThis week’s theme for Through the Lens Thursday is ‘Hands’.

Not an easy one to be honest as the only hands I have here are mine (apart from toy hands I suppose).  So, out comes the tripod and some trial and error with the self timer!

I snapped this one, then cropped and black and whited it in Snapseed on the iPad.  I like to look at my photos on the iPad as the screen is nice and big and I can see what is in focus or not and I can play with apps on there too.  I know, I need to practice Photoshop, it is on my list!

I took this photo on the porch in the freezing cold, with the timer set to take seven continuous photos in the hope I would get one.  I took a few groups of seven and got one in the end!

The bracelets and necklace in my hands are new at CatsEatDogs and I love them for spring and summer.  Layered up your wrists, they add colour and texture to any outfit.  I am also holding a string of wood beads, I intend using lots of lovely wood in necklaces and bracelets this season.


  1. thatsummerfeeling1 says

    This is a gorgeous shot. I’m a big fan of black and white and the beads add great texture.

  2. Sammie says

    I love that you had a theme for through the lens! It’s nice to think about it throughout the week and be aware of your hands and what all you use them for!

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