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February 2014 Photo a Day

There goes February, a short month and a chilly one too, we had snow and ice and rain and sunshine.  Hopefully March will bring Spring out from hiding behind Winter.  Come on out Spring, we are all friendly and can’t wait to see you!

Here are my daily photo offerings for February, I follow the prompts supplied by lovely Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim.

1. You.  Circa 1984, in a homemade and dyed dress.

20140201-191826.jpg 2. Favourite.  Finding old beads and charms to make into something.


3. Something Orange


4. Childhood

20140228-132914.jpg 5.Square

6. C is for ….meow

20140228-133054.jpg 7. Utensil

20140228-133642.jpg 8. Water

9. Details.

20140228-134711.jpg 10. I am….


11. Mistake.  Walking on that ice would be.

20140228-134854.jpg 12. Out + About.  Detail of a local bridge.

20140228-134942.jpg 13. Perfect.  The perfect Valentine’s haul from school.

20140228-135022.jpg 14. Heart

20140228-135113.jpg 15. My drink of choice.  Homemade frothy coffee.

20140228-135200.jpg 16. Create

20140228-135236.jpg 17. Vegetable.  Pom pom carrot!

20140228-135315.jpg 18. Magic.  First flower on the Rosemary.

20140228-135357.jpg 19. Feet

20140228-135545.jpg 20. Peace

20140228-135628.jpg 21. Funny.  This guy.

20140228-135700.jpg 22. An act of Kindness

20140228-135804.jpg 23. This where I relax

20140228-135836.jpg 24. Half

20140228-142237.jpg 25. Cut

20140228-142318.jpg 26. Light

20140228-142439.jpg27. My View Today

20140228-142524.jpg 28. Reflection


Which do I like best?  I like ‘Light’ and ‘Cut’ best and ‘Reflection’ makes me smile as we snapped it yesterday while we were out and about!

March starts today, let’s get observing and capturing those great photos every day.  I nearly always use my iPhone for photo-a-day shots as I always have it with me and I can quickly get a picture when I see something like the reflection in ‘Peace’ or the heart shaped leaf in ‘Act of Kindness’.

Have a great weekend.  Six Word Saturday is coming up!


  1. Love your photos – especially 23, I could happily sink into that chair with those magazines!

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