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Growing into Grey.

How is my grey grow out going? I am pleased you asked, because here is a little grey grow out update.


I have about 6cm of natural hair colour proudly marching over my head which I suppose I could get cut shorter to loose the dyed red ends altogether.  But I think I am going to keep the style I have and not go all Jamie Lee Curtis on my hair. Her hair is nice, but I don’t want it that short. Not that short and grey anyway. I have had very short hair before, so I wonder why I don’t want to go short again and get rid of the faded red dye?
Answers on a postcard please…

Maybe because that is the archetypal grey look, apart from the granny curls followed by a blue rinse.  Or a purple rinse.  You don’t see many blues and purple rinses about in the grey set any more do you?  Maybe I should bring it back,  I fancy a purple rinse but hold the perm please.


I don’t think I am quite ready for a new cut as well as a new colour, even though I have been watching the grey/white/brown emerging since April I still think of it as a ‘new’ colour.  I keep pulling my hair back off my face to get an idea of the final natural grey look, sometimes I am a bit alarmed, but mainly I am quite liking it.

To be honest, not having to dye my hair is a complete joy in itself, apart from the excessive chemical application almost every month, I just don’t miss the fuss and potential horror of dyeing the sink or my shoes or the bathroom floor by accident.  I did flick dye onto the bathroom door once by accident and that didn’t go down too well especially as I hadn’t noticed until it was well and truly part of the white door.  Whoopsie.  Have you had any dyeing mishaps?  That was my only dyeing oopsie.

I have been totally noticing grey ladies of a certain (younger) age lately and making little mental notes, all positive, I still think that natural dramatic grey is a fab look.  Let’s see how dramatic mine ends up, hopefully more grey gorgeous and less George Clooney (yes, I know he is a handsome devil, but I want to look at him, not like him thanks).

So, after all this, I am pretty sure I am on a single track to natural grey hair in my forties and I am quite happy with that.  If you want to see where this all started, have a look here (on my old blog) and here.


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  1. It looks nice. I have been mistaken for my sister’s mother twice in recent years which is pretty embarrassing. She has no gray, natural, very blond hair. I go back and forth on coloring all the time 😛

    • Oh dear! Mine is so darn grey now, I get an almost immediate white landing strip down my head within a week. Not a great look, I am hoping to make the best of the white/grey, maybe even rock some coloured hair chalk! Firstly got to get rid of the red…

  2. I love this! I think grey on younger women is so distinguished and stylish. Natural is always best, in my opinion. I am a dark blonde with a few little greys around – all natural. I’ve always hated hair dye. My mother dyed her hair her whole life. She can’t really remember her natural colour. And, as a result, her hair is in such bad condition. It’s like sun dried straw. So that always put me off dying my hair when I was younger. Occasionally I get a few foils to brighten things up, but never a full head of anything. I am looking forward to naturally turning completely grey in time. I think it looks great!

    • Hey, I will take distinguished and stylish. No pressure then….! I used to dye my own hair which is the worst thing ever for the condition, so bye bye dye and hello fancy shampoo especially for grey hair.

  3. You are rocking the grey. Though I think it helps that you look about 21 in the face!! And I love the hair style too. I wish I was brave enough to follow your lead, but I ain’t. Thankfully being blonde means my greys tend to blend, and I only colour my hair two or three times a year.

    • Thanks Naomi! I think twice a year colour is a good plan, I was colouring mine every couple of months and now I am free!

  4. I like the grey and you can definitely get away with it with your pretty face! I was blonde for nearly twenty years and went back to natural about 18 months ago. I didn’t realise I had a few silvers coming through as they had been hidden by the blonde. Now I’m not sure if I’ll stay dark and just do a few semis to disguise the silver threads x

    • Thanks Karen, I think we all end up forgetting what our ‘natural’ colour is. Mine is still revealing itself with a little help from my hairdresser.

  5. I am transitioning to grey aswell. I had my last dye in February, it is interesting seeing what my natural colour is after years of dye and sometimes a bit confronting to see photos of myself. I have found too that I am noticing more people that have great grey hair. Pinterest is good for that too. I’m really looking forward to when mine is long enough to chop off all the dyed hair. I wonder if more people will do this in the future?

    • I have found more people than I would have thought who are either growing out dye or not dyeing at all. Maybe it is the future? It is surely better for us. I am amazed at how slowly the dye is growing out, it seems to grow so fast when you have to keep re-applying dye.

  6. clare
    #1 let me say, thank you so much for following my blog! it makes me so happy to find tribe sisters or they find me. either way such joy!
    #2 LADY you’re beautiful!
    i am a silver sister too. my last color was june 15, 2014. you might have caught some of the shit i wrote about on my blog about it.
    #3 when i stopped coloring and started taking about it i was and still am AMAZED by the revolution that is taking place over this non-dye-coloring thing. i’ve had 3 people now tell me… yeah! i’m doing this. thank you for the gift of this, thank you for being brave. i was sooo touched.
    glad we found each other!

    • Hi Tracie, thank you for your kind words. Your hair is looking great, I love the full on sparkle which is growing out. Isn’t it just a pleasure not to have to dye it constantly.
      I look forward to following your blog and I am so happy I found it and you! x

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