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Weekly Photos 4/52 2015

Hi Pointe STL


Dried Hydrangea


Half Street


Old Car


Trees and sun




1. A trip to the High Pointe cinema this week to see Mr Turner which is a great film.

2. A dried out Hydrangea.  I am always amazed that they keep their perfect shape even when they are all dry and crispy.

3. Half Street.

4. I thought this car in all of it’s beat up glory was pretty cool.

5. Across the road I spotted these lovely trees.

6. Pint of Guiness in the pub on Sunday with friends!

I edited these photos in Snapseed, some just a little crop and some a little vintage or black and white.  What are your favourite apps to edit?  I also like Over for text additions.

It still isn’t very wintery here, to be honest I would like to see a drop of snow before the spring.  I hope your weather is treating you well and you are having a lovely Monday.

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