Hand Lettering and sketching
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Hand Lettering in the Month of March


Have you started to practise anything new this year or recently?  I have always had a little desire lurking about in my mind that I want to draw and illustrate and hand letter.  For literally months and maybe years, this voice has had an adversary who kept assuring us that this would not be possible because of all the ‘can’t’s which were in the same evil gang.

Well, I decided to ignore the evil ‘can’t’ gang this year and I decided to set myself a challenge for the month of March and draw/write a letter for each day followed by some quotes and phrases.  At the same time I signed up for the lettering class at Made Vibrant and discovered that Caroline finishes her class with a monthly challenge to letter a phrase a day through March.  How perfectly did that work out!?

So I am up to the letter D today which I am looking forward to playing with in my sketchbook. I had never lettered anything in my whole life until March 1st when I hand lettered ‘Three words to describe yourself’.

Hand Lettering

This was my first go, ever, and I was pretty proud and gently critical.  I have gained enough confidence to actually write something and I have learnt enough to look at it and spot lots of places to improve tomorrow and the next day and the next…

I have been looking for interesting lettering and text everywhere I go.  Over the weekend I snapped a few photos of some great lettering at local antique stores. Click on the pictures for the full image.

I am going to the library today to check out the children’s picture books which often have the most lovely lettering as well as illustrations.

Where are you getting your inspiration today?

If you fancy joining in with ‘Girl Fifteen Letters‘ it is not too late to grab your pen and paper and get playing with letters.  I post on Instagram using the hashtag #girlfifteenletters and I am loving seeing what we are all coming up with.


  1. What a great challenge and I’m so glad you stopped listening to the evil ‘can’t’ gang. Isn’t it great when you just immerse into something and it feels just right and the right time for it? Love those lettering inspiration images too! x

    • It is amazing what you start to see when you are looking! Like lettering all over the place.

  2. I love this! What a great idea to use children’s books for inspiration. Are you using a real ink pen? I’m on the look out for some nice lettering pens, but ones that don’t require separate ink. But I better set a time limit of sorts or I may never get started!

    • I have a ‘real’ ink pen, but I haven’t used it yet. I mainly use Micron pens which come in different widths.

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