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Through the Lens Thursday 26, Seasoned. And How the 100 Day Project is going for me.

TTLT 26 Seasoned

This week’s prompt for Through the Lens Thursday is ‘Seasoned’.  Should I photo a seasoned dish (I am no food photographer, so no!)? How about some seasoning?  Maybe some herbs from the garden?  Or how about a photo about being a seasoned person?

Seasoned the noun rather than the verb, I want to be a seasoned artist, I don’t want to be seasoned with salt and spices!  A seasoned parent is the route Greta at Gfunkified and one of the inventors of TTLT took.  Her lovely picture of her children is testament to her skills as a seasoned mother.

This led me to thinking about the 80 days I have been involved in The 100 Day Project and whether I am becoming a seasoned mandala artist or a seasoned follower of challenges thrown out there in media land?  Probably neither, but I have been really enjoying the project and the amazing work being produced by the many many 100 day project participants.  I have stuck to it and made a new mandala every day, some take ages and ages and some are a photo of a natural or found mandala.  I have posted them all on Instagram under the hashtag #100daysofmakingmandalas and I am very proud of my nearly filled sketchbook.  So many ideas have come to me through my daily mandalas and I have learnt so many techniques while drawing and painting them.

I still have ideas running out of my head to make more mandalas and different techniques to learn for all kinds of projects.  I want to paint more and learn about watercolour painting and I want to learn to draw properly too, so I have a couple of future projects in my pocket already.  My kids are off school until August, so I am hoping that they will join in with some art project as we work together on a messy dining table!

Yay for projects!  What are you up to?  Do tell.


  1. I’ve been loving your mandalas Clare and your very creative ‘found’ versions too. I too have been having lots of ideas about things and I think it is due in part to the daily creative habit (and accountability) of the 100 day project. I also like the idea of ‘seasoned’ and being a ‘seasoned follower of challenges’. I took on a bit too much this month with TinkerSketch on top of my other things so had to drop that in favour of my haiku habit. I think my last one was of salt and pepper, so that also segues nicely into being seasoned!! Yay to creative habits, projects and challenges xx

    • The 100 day project is great isn’t it! I can’t believe we are almost done. I love reading your haikus.

    • I am a little amazed myself that I have managed to draw a mandala every day! I like looking back over them and getting lots more ideas.

  2. What a great thing, to do a creative project every day for 100 days. I must join in next time, though what I’d do I’m not sure. Maybe write every day for 100 days?

    • This has been a great thing, I never thought I could do the ‘same’ thing for 100 days, but I have learnt so much about my own abilities and idea generation skills!

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