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Weekly Photos 25/52

Chicken of the woods
Tiny people
Musk Thistle
Monster Mash-Up
Almost half way through the year and for some reason it doesn’t feel like it is whizzing by which makes a nice change.

We are fully submerged in summer until August and always thinking of things to do which is not always easy now the kids are getting older. No-one wants to pop to the park anymore with nothing but each other and a bag of Goldfish for entertainment.
Highlights of our summer to come are likely to be the ‘Minions‘ movie and going to see the polar bears in their new enclosure at the zoo.  It gets super duper hot and humid here, so we have to be out and about in the mornings before the sun becomes too melting.

Some photos from the past week.

1. Following a week of constant rain some mushrooms have popped up in the woods, this Chicken of the Woods is a spectacular one and edible.  Would you eat it?

2. Teeny figures I found thrift shopping on Cape Cod, the fella with the long nose can also retract his nose.  Tip him back and nose in, tip him forward and nose out!

3. A lovely thistle we spotted while out last week.  I also drew this as part of my 100 mandalas for The 100 Day Project. #100daysofmakingmandalas

4. Our library had a ‘craft’ afternoon on Saturday where we got to rip toys apart then ‘mash’ them back together.  I think the adults had the most fun!!

5. Hanging with GI Joe.

Happy Monday x





  1. Yes, I would definitely try that mushroom. It looks delicious! What a beautiful thistle, and I love the ‘toy mash’ photo too. What a cool thing for a library to run. I can imagine it must be hard finding activities for older kids to do in the holidays. Good luck! x

    • I would still be scared that the mushroom would make me sick, even though I know it is edible, I am such a baby! The library does have some good activities for all kids which is a wonderful thing over the long summer.

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