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Weekly Photos 33/52

1. This lovely pink flower took a few days to unfurl and it is a beauty. 2. Orange flower upside down. 3. I hope no-one needs to catch a bus from this stop. 4.& 5.  I thought these fungi looked like a gaggle of butterflies on this old tree stump. 6.  Our local YMCA has emptied the pool to give it a clean following a summer of camp activity.  Here it is empty and ready to receive new swimming water. 7. This weekend I helped at a birthday party where the girls were making bracelets.  They were a lovely group and all went home with a lovely bracelet. Happy Monday x  

Weekly Photos 25/52

  1. Poppies in my raised flower bed. 2. Honesty plant from an early morning dog walk. 3. Slip n Slide fun! 4.Queen Anne’s Lace. 5. My  Cherokee Purple Tomatoes are getting huge! 6. Mr Toad hiding under a leaf umbrella. Another sweltering week here in the mid-west.  I am excited to see a new poppy in my flower bed every day, they last such a short time, the petals fall and in the morning a new flower has appeared. I am hoping to harvest and sow some seeds from the honesty and grow our own. I hope you had a great week and are keeping cool or warm depending where on earth you are! Happy Monday x  

Weekly Photos 25/52

Almost half way through the year and for some reason it doesn’t feel like it is whizzing by which makes a nice change. We are fully submerged in summer until August and always thinking of things to do which is not always easy now the kids are getting older. No-one wants to pop to the park anymore with nothing but each other and a bag of Goldfish for entertainment. Highlights of our summer to come are likely to be the ‘Minions‘ movie and going to see the polar bears in their new enclosure at the zoo.  It gets super duper hot and humid here, so we have to be out and about in the mornings before the sun becomes too melting. Some photos from the past week. 1. Following a week of constant rain some mushrooms have popped up in the woods, this Chicken of the Woods is a spectacular one and edible.  Would you eat it? 2. Teeny figures I found thrift shopping on Cape Cod, the fella with the long nose can also …

Through The Lens Thursday 18. 3 Things

  This year I am participating in Through The Lens Thursday which is a project thought up by Alison of Writing Wishing and Greta of GFunkified.  Every week we take a photo using the camera on manual setting, so that we learn lots of new camera and photo taking things through the year of weekly prompts. This week’s prompt is ‘3 Things’.  I found the abandoned, hatched egg this morning and the sycamore seeds, and I added the dandelion clock once I had put the ‘things’ together.  I was happy that the dandelion didn’t shed all of it’s seeds immediately and let me get a photo. A little nature collection. Do you pick up stuff as you walk?  I usually just photo interesting things as I see them and leave them, but today I needed my 3 things,  so I did some gathering!    

Brain melt and ten on the 10th. December 2012

What a strange day today has been. Too grey to tell what time it is, felt like 4pm all day. Cold to the bone cold, cold legs through jeans, make your eyes run and cheeks freeze cold. A lots to do and nothing done day, my list remains complete with no crossings out. I have done lots I needed to but also not done lots I wanted to. I found a present bought about September, for Christmas. A bargain of bargains. And forgotten. I nearly bought another one!  Maybe being organised for Christmas early is not such a good idea for me!                                                                                                                         I did manage to take ten photos on the 10th though! YMCA for …