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‘I like’ Friday, the secondhand edition

Vintage book

I love me an estate sale, a yard sale or a trip to Goodwill or a charity shop.  Hunting down the bargains then maybe a spot of research on my latest find when I get home.

Last weekend I went to a local estate sale in the snow!  Yes, I am that keen to go and explore and maybe find a treasure or two.  I didn’t find a huge amount, mainly, between you and me, because it was a bit expensive.

I thought I would share what I did get.

Vintage Speedball Brayer

This was the first thing I picked up, I love the graphics on the box and I needed a brayer to use with my new gelli plate. It is clean and has no chips or dings.

Flower Power Cards

When I picked these up, I thought they would be great to use as an art journal base, maybe even alter each card to make a new set of art journaled cards.  I am not sure I can bring myself to paint on them though.

Vintage books

These two books are destined to be used as journals or sketchbooks.

Rotex label printer

This was the bargain of the day.  One whole dollar bought me this beauty.  We have been making 1980’s style labels since and you can get refills.  Yay!

Now I need to grab my paints and pens and play around in the books and use them as sketchbooks.  Who knew a trip to an estate sale would turn out to be an art journaling treasure hunt?!

Do like to explore sales?  There are not so many around at this time of year, but I there is always Goodwill and I plan to visit next week.  Fingers crossed for a bargain or three.

Happy Friday!

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