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Weekly Photos 2/52



I got a Gelli plate for Christmas and I got it out to play with this week. I tried cutting out triangles and masking off trees or mountains (depending what you see!). I used card stock, printer paper and wax deli paper and they all worked well but gave slightly different results in many good ways.


I planted some seeds this week and snapped some polaroids.


We went to the Ice Carnival in the Delmar Loop this weekend and spotted these magnificent lions as we walked down to the Carnival.  They are guarding City Hall and doing a fine job.


Spotted at the Scientology Church on Delmar.  What if you don’t pass?  No personality?  Yikes.

How was your week?  I hope it was lovely.

Happy Monday!



  1. That lion is magnificent! One wonders what such a personality test would reveal! Methinks that every personality would be found to be needing the message of Scientology!

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