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Drawing Fish and Planting Seeds


For the whole month of January I am drawing a fish everyday,  as you do! They are all going on the same page so that by the 31st I will have a page of fishy fish to maybe use as a coloring sheet or just a lovely page of different fish.  Half way through the project, I am starting to get a full page.  I can’t wait until I am squeezing them in!


Then in February I am going to do the same thing, but with a different object.  I am thinking of drawing a house every day in February, so that I will end up with a very long street or a little village by February 29th.

The weather this week has gone perfectly bonkers.  In the mornings we have had frost and icy puddles and today’s temperature has risen to nearly 70 degrees fahrenheit!  Spring-like.  Don’t pull out the shorts just yet because it is supposed to drop down to 18 degrees by Sunday with the threat of snow.

So, while the air is warmer, I decided to sow some seeds to keep in the basement to germinate, ready for outdoor planting in the Spring.


I bought some Habanero Orange Pepper, Sweet Banana Pepper and Cherokee Purple Tomato seeds from a local seed producer, ‘Seedgeeks‘ and I am planting them today.  The bag of potting soil was frozen so I put it in the sun to warm up and I am going to give the seeds a nice water before I gather them up and move them into the basement for a few months.

Fingers crossed for a bumper crop in the summer!

Happy Thursday whatever you are up to.


  1. I love your little fishies! We have had crazy weather too – 42 Celsius on Wednesday and then 18 on Thursday. Strappy dress one day, jumper,jeans and boots the next!

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