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Mishaps come in Threes (or Fours)!

Blimey, today started as a drag and a chore and a moan.

I intended to have a little lie in and go to the gym to run for an hour while listening to one of my favorite podcasts, most likely This American Life or Radio Lab.  Not a bad start to the day.

I have decided that running inside is ok when it is humid and super hot outside. I am not a hot weather runner, no matter how much water I drink and how many hats I wear (usually one), I still end up with a head ache all day from being too hot whilst running first thing in the morning. So the treadmill it is then.

Yes treadmills are boring, but to be honest I find running so boring anyway it really doesn’t matter to me, the inside of the YMCA is no less interesting than local sidewalks, roads and houses.  If I have something to listen to, I am usually ok, music for shorter jaunts and podcast or a book for longer running adventures.

Today was a longer one, so podcasts were lined up.

The ‘lie in’ plan was squashed flat when the dog decided she was going to leap up to show me her tennis ball discovery.  So I thought I might as well get up and take her for a walk before the heat got too bad.  Fail. At 6.30am it was hot, humid and clammy already. Yum.

Oh well, walking and stopping for many sniffs (the dog not me) is not so bad even in a developing heat advisory.

Once I got home, I got my bag ready for my run.  Where was my locker padlock?  I might have left it at the Y when we went swimming yesterday.  I had better go ready to run in case my lock is not there and I have nowhere to stash my regular clothes. No problem, off I went.

When I arrived at the Y, there was my lock, sitting on top of the lockers where I had absentmindedly left it yesterday.  Great! I tested it and yes, it was my lock (that could have been awkward).  Into my locker went my stuff and I had a morning chat with some of the swimming ladies.

Headphones. Where are my head phones?  Not here is where.  On the dining table at home is where.

There is no way on earth I can run for an hour without entertainment in my ears.  So after an internal sigh and eyeball roll at myself,  I went home. The air was getting hotter outside and turning into a nice thick humid consistency.

I decide to have a go at a run tomorrow and make my way home today for a coffee, toast and some sketching.

I put the washing machine on, grabbed my little sketchbook and sat in front of my little flower bed and sketched the new poppy which has unfurled its papery pink petals.

As I was sketching I had some ideas for my art journal too, so as usual art and creativity proves to be the best therapy.

So unfortunate things happen in threes don’t they?  So far, I lost a lie in, lost my padlock and forgot my headphones. Done? I hope so.

Especially as I am about to go swimming and I don’t want to swallow a band aid as a grand finale!

Ok, as an update, I did go swimming and there was a band aid!  It just bobbed past me though and no contact was made… Now, my goal is just to make it to bedtime with no more mishaps!

Happy Wednesday and here’s to a more successful Thursday.

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I live in St Louis, MO, but I am originally from Lincoln, Great Britain. My family and I have lived in the Mid West for over 15 years now. My blog is where I blog and chat about all kinds of creative stuff.


  1. Ergh, band aid in the water. Shudder. Good on you for going in though. I’m like you – I can’t possibly even think about exercise without some other form of entertainment happening. Those people who run with ‘only their own company’ are clearly a lot more interesting than me!! x

    • Swimming is my least favorite thing, but my kids like to go, so in the name of encouraging exercise I swim along. I could never never run listing to my own huffing and puffing!

  2. I need headphones for everything! It’s like they are my buffer… sometimes I don’t even listen to anything via them, just the people around me… That is probably way too sneaky, but it’s just the way I roll… Sneaky McSneakface. x

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