'I like' Friday
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‘I like’ Friday.


This week I have been liking all kinds of things, it has been hot and humid so there has been more indoor activity than outside.

Grace and Frankie.

I am at the last episode of Grace and Frankie  on Netflix now, so I am looking forward to season 3 next year (I hope!).


I have only just started to watch this series (also on Netflix) and I am only a few episodes in, enough to have me gripped though. Part of the reason I like it is because it is a British drama and I eat those up, just to see the UK is enough to make me happy.  Even if it is part of a police drama.

Hitman Anders and the Meaning of it all by Jonas Jonasson. 

I was drawn to this book because it sounds like my kind of dark humor and it was written by the man who wrote ‘The 100 year old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared’ which is one of my favorites. I am not far in, just getting to know the characters, but I am enjoying it so far.


I haven’t bought anything from Boden for ages and ages, I used to love their kids clothes when my boys were younger.  I spotted an  ace top in their new catalogue and after a browse, it turns out there is all sorts I would like.  This coat, these sandals, this top and this bag!


This week I ordered two stencils from Stampington and I am delighted with them.  I am not the best stencil user in the world and consequently I don’t use them much, but I think I will be using them more now.  Isn’t it funny how you are drawn to some art supplies and not others. Sometimes all it takes is a very talented art journaler to inspire you, Karen Gaunt, I am looking at you.

Homegrown tomatoes.

Are the best. That is all.

Collection of found stuff

This article about found items on the beaches of the UK is so good.  It makes me want to arrange all of the stuff we have found in the local woods and creek, not that we have quite this kind of collection.  It is amazing what you find!



  1. I think those Boden items are all rather fabulous. How excellent are those pom-poms on the bag?i think you should go shopping!

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