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‘I Like’ Friday.

Fridays I often write about things I have liked that week, so here is what I have been liking this week.

Back to school on Monday was eventful or uneventful depending on your point of view. The boys went back to school for a grand total of three hours because the power was out. However as soon as they were all leaving, the lights came on!  I think the whole school sprinted out of the doors just in case the principal changed his mind!! I like that today is Friday and I don’t have to drag them out of bed or make packed lunches for a couple of days.

I very much like the fact that the weather has cooled just a little bit.  When the summer is as hot as we get it, a little temperature drop counts for a lot! Cooler mornings and evenings are the best thing.

Some other things I am liking this fine Friday are –

Nib pen and ink drawing. I picked up my nib pen and ink today to have a little play with them.  To me they are slightly intimidating art supplies, once the mark is on the page there is no going back.  I like this and dislike it all at once, I often find myself making more confident sketches or patterns once I know it is a one time shot. Sometimes I will faff about with a pencil and eraser for ages but with a pen and a bottle of ink, it is go time! If it is not right, go again. If it is an important page, I like to hold my breath as I make the first mark.  I am not sure if this technique works any magic, but it certainly hones my focus! Today I have been working on a zine which is a joint project – so no pressure then.  Maybe a foolish choice to crack out the pen and ink for the first time in a while for this project, but it gave the effect I needed and I practiced a little before putting pen to zine.


Drawing people and faces is something I want to get better at because I am pretty bad at people drawing.  I am using fashion catalogues to draw from and I am enjoying the practice.

Bacon Sarnies. Lunch came along today and I spied the bacon in the fridge, so I cooked up a couple of slices and made a lovely sandwich along with home grown tomato slices and a handful of spinach. Hurrah for bacon sarnies!


Today is World Photography Day so I thought I would use my beloved Construction Camera which is a Polaroid from 1992, to snap some snaps. It was designed for use on construction sites hence the yellow stripes.  Seems a very specific use for a camera to me, but I am glad to have it!



Are you pleased to be at Friday?  What are you liking? Do tell.

Happy Weekend x


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