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Persimmon predictions





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I learnt two new things this week, that there is a persimmon tree in the woods (I am sure there are many, but I only know of the one) and the seeds from the ripe persimmon fruit can predict the future.

Only the immediate winter future, the weather to be specific.  Sorry, it is not a request service, open a persimmon seed and see what you will be having for dinner type thing.

I must admit that I thought persimmons were a tropical fruit, so that shows what I know. Ain’t nothing tropical about our local woods!

I read about it here and decided to have a go at checking for myself. So I gathered a few persimmon fruits from the woodland floor and brought them home for dissection.

The seed are small and slimey little buggers as to be expected I suppose from a plum like fruit which got so ripe it hurled itself from the tree to the ground. I managed to wash some  seeds off and cut them in half and nothing, just a white inside, no cutlery in sight. Transpires I was cutting them the wrong way….

They have to be sliced longways which is not an easy process, slippy seeds are not simple to chop in half especially along their skinny side. I fired a few across the kitchen floor and ended up with a couple in half and all fingers intact.

I saw spoons.  See in the photo above – spoons.

A spoon shape predicts a snowy winter whereas if you see a knife  that indicates an icy winter and a fork means it will be mild.

Better get the winter boots out and the sledge dusted off and I have seen the most gorgeous scarf to knit, so I had better get busy!

It is the Autumn Equinox today on this side of the world and Mama Nature somehow missed the memo as it is 91 degrees today and the same is predicted tomorrow.

Oh well at least now I know what sort of winter to expect…..

Happy Thursday x

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