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‘I like’ Friday.

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The weather has cooled at last and it looks like Fall is centre stage!

This week I have been liking:

The bag in the photo I found at an estate sale and I love it so much.  It is a souvenir beach bag from Mexico, I think from the 1970’s.  It is housing my new knitting project….

This fantastic scarf at Creative Bug.  I have started it in red wool and I love it, the pattern looks complicated but it is so well explained on the videos, it is very doable.  I can’t wait to wear it.

‘The Girls’ by Emma Cline is a great book so far, I am fully engrossed and intrigued by the story and the characters. I love to read and I always have to have a book on the go, I am an impatient reader though, so if the book doesn’t grab me, I will cast it aside and move on. This one has grabbed me and is hanging onto my attention.

Another book I am reading (I know, I am an over achiever!!) is ‘The Ghost Map’ by Steven Johnson which is all about the cholera epidemic in London in the nineteenth century. It is full of detail and information and after only fifteen pages I felt like I have learnt lots and also feel a little nauseous!

Blue acrylic paints, I have been using lots of shades of blue in my art journal to make backgrounds and today I needed a card, so I got the paints out again and made cards using the shades of blue. I only needed one card and I ended up with the beginnings of twelve!


That is a little snippet of what I have been liking this week, I hope you have found lots of wonders in your week.

I always love to hear about what you are enjoying – books, TV, films anything you are liking.

Happy Friday x


  1. That scarf is gorgeous! I’ve just finished a triangular one from Wool and the Gang in emerald green with tassels. I can’t wait to wear it when we head over to New York after Christmas. And that bag is divine! I love the colours!

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