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What do I want to do when I grow up…


My teen has a field trip to a career fair this month and it is not the first he has been to, they are very keen on careers and knowing what you want to do when you grow up in this country. Blimey, I am not sure I know what I want to do when I grow up even now, maybe I need to go to a career fair!

I do remember talking to the career advisor at school and getting a print out (on green striped paper with holes down either side) of possible vocations. Milliner was top of my list along with lots of other options I can’t remember.

Pretty specific, milliner.  I am not a hat maker, but I am fully submerged in the art, making and creative aspect of my world.

What about a money making choice though? I would like to follow a path into the world of art and illustrating, maybe stationary, postcards and colouring sheets.  I like to write about all kinds of creativity, doing it, finding it and keeping it nurtured and happy in my life. Maybe I do know what I want to do when I grow up, now I need to do it

Did you know what you wanted to do when you were a kid?  I went to school with a girl who only wanted to work at Marks and Spencer. I wonder if she does?

I read a great post about careers past and present by the fabulous Shani at Rare Pear Studio and it made me think about my previous jobs and what I learnt from them. Anything? Nothing?

I worked as an usher at a theatre when I was a student. This mainly taught me observation skills, checking dates and times on tickets as customers entered the auditorium especially when seats were seemingly ‘double booked’. This happened a lot during pantomime season at Christmas and it was almost always a date or time issue, someone had come to the wrong show time. Check check and double check.

One of the ushers had to be inside the auditorium when the show was on, so we took turns to sit in which made sure I saw nearly every play or performance the wrong way round. Second or third act first! This gave me a very good understanding of plays like those by Mr Shakespeare. I would often see the same half many times before seeing the previous or next installment multiple times before watching the rest of it.  I do prefer to see performances in the correct order now though.

My very first job was delivering the free paper in my village, I was allocated streets and I had to deliver a paper to every single house.  Not American ‘chuck it in the vague vicinity of the yard’ style, oh no, these all had to go into letter boxes, down drives, in doors.  These were my Thursday evenings, on my bike with a ten ton bag full of papers balanced carefully on my shoulder as I cycled around the neighborhood delivering newspapers no-one wanted and trying to dodge the dogs lurking behind garden gates!  Endurance is what I gained from this once a week occupation and good balance and strong shoulders!

My first Saturday job was at Lincoln Box Office where I was told on my first day to always sound like you know what you are talking about even if you don’t, ask for help, but appear confident. If you don’t know, find out!  Fairly sound advice which I have always kept.   I still like to get the good seats for any performance I go to, no willy nilly seat booking from me. Of course free concert posters were always a benefit too!

I even got to chat to Richard Branson when he visited Lincoln and the Box Office, he wanted to know where the music venues were in the city.  Funny thing was, I didn’t even know it was him until later, I thought he looked familiar!  I am still rubbish at spotting famous people!

Did you learn from your first jobs?  Are you doing what you always wanted to? I hope so!

Happy Thursday x

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