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‘I Like’ Friday. The mini journal edition.







I started working in one of my mini journals today,  and I love it love it love it!  Each page is  a little quick delve into colour, collage and drawing.  I have used acrylic paints which dry nice and quickly, so I can work through the journal without having to wait ages for paint to dry.

I started with my new friend, the ‘owlat’ which came about in a previous page and I thought the image looked like a owl crossed with a cat.  I drew this one more deliberately, guiding the triangles as I went.

The fold out pages are fun and I tried to make them work with each other and the pages around them by adding a similar flower motif in pen (I used white Uniball and a blue Micron).

I am becoming very interested in old photos as well as postcards and this is a copy of a vintage photograph.  I wonder who she was?

Collage is a new addition to my art journaling and I am enjoying using snips of magazines cut into shapes.

The final page here is a tree image covered with a gelli print of a leaf which I made a while ago and printed onto dry wax paper so that when it is glued down the non printed areas are almost transparent.

I feel like I could finish one of these little books in one sitting, so this one might soon be done!

Happy Friday x



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