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Get Messy Art 101 Week Two



Week two of Art 101 and we are messing about with texture.

I worked on one of the pages I started last week and added some texture using a doily to print and then I stuck it down when I had printed with it and it was starting to get soggy!

The second page is a background I made a while ago.  I added some texture to this page and the first page using gold paint and a mesh bag which had lemons in it which had to be emptied out.

I painted on the quote and all done!

‘Enable the chance for something to happen’ – sound advice from Christoph Niemann who is featured on the first episode of ‘Abstract’ on Netflix. I have watched the first three episodes and it is an excellent series about the design process.

If you are interested in the Get Messy Art Journaling community, check out their website and public blog.

Happy Creating and Happy Thursday.


  1. This really great. I love the texture from the doily – both with the paint and itself.

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