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100 Days of Creative Ideas 11 – 20


The 100 day project started on April 4 and I am still going strong!  My little library of vintage cards with ideas on them is growing nicely.  Here are cards 11-20

11. Go to the library and find a picture book in the children’s section. Pick one with illustrations you love. Sketch some ideas from this book – patterns, creatures, lettering, anything. Pick another book and repeat.

Some of my favorite children’s books for the illustrations are by Lauren Child, Oliver Jeffers, Chris Riddell, ‘Gaston’ by Kelly DiPucchio and illustrated by Christian Robinson and ‘A lion in Paris’ by Beatrice Alemagna. I just discovered the Welcome to the Museum series and ‘Botanicum’ is just gorgeous, so don’t forget to check out the non fiction books too.

12. Take yourself for a walk around your neighbourhood or favorite place.  As you go, notice all the circles and make a note, a sketch or take a photo. How many circles did you spot? Did you notice anything new about your neighbourhood?

13. Give yourself permission, allow yourself to be creative.  Five minutes or a whole hour.  Write, draw, paint, dance, bake, knit, crochet, weave, create.

14. Draw a free form mandala. Start with a circle or basic flower shape and keep adding layers outwards. Use triangles, circles, half circles, stripes, dots. Anything you like. Where will it take you?

15. Make a mini art kit.  Gather some vital supplies in a manageable sized bag or pouch. Be sure to gather bits and bobs to use as you travel and remember to draw, sketch and write in your sketchbook. Create the memories with creativity.

16. Make a drawing of something in one line. Do not take your pen or pencil off the page. No room  to erase, correct mistakes as you go.  In fact don’t even use a pencil, just use a pen!

17. Go for a walk and photo as many flowers and leaves as you can. Grasses and mushrooms too if you see them.  When you get home, sketch your discoveries or write about what you have found.

18. Another day for a walk! This time look at colours and make notes or take photos. When you get home, mix colours to match the ones you have seen and give them names. Be imaginative!

19. Buy some paint in colours you would not usually gravitate towards. Get out your sketchbook and play around with them!

20. Find 5 – 10 blogs you have not read before. Read a couple of posts and maybe leave a nice comment. Blogs are often full of great inspiration.

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Happy Wednesday x


  1. Love these! I’ve always been a bit of a doodler and have found myself drawing mandalas lately. And so many ideas involving walks. Nature always inspires me, but getting in some exercise to boot is wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

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