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100 Days of Creative Ideas 31-40


Firstly, a confession.  I must forget some of these cards once I have made them.  On the positive side this makes it a joy to see them together, even ten at a time, I look at them and I think, that’s a good idea!

Nearly half way through the 100 day project and here are ideas 31 – 40.

31. Be on the lookout for images you like in magazines. Cut them out and save for future collage projects or keep them all together in a scrapbook.  Your own look-book.

32.Drop or splatter some plain water onto your page. Mix some watery watercolors and splatter those over the page. It may take a while to dry but the effects can be pretty or dramatic or pretty dramatic!!

33. Paint a black area or the whole page black. Grab a white pen and doodle patterns over the black. If there is any white left, doodle with a black pen for contrast.

34. Find a picture in a magazine and tear or cut it in half. Stick it down and draw in the part you removed. Make it literal or add your own twist.

35. Drip some paint or ink onto the page. Straight away blow hard on it or tip the page left and right and see what formations appear.

36. Shop Goodwill or your local thrift shop like an artist. Look for books to draw in or use the pictures from. Sometimes you might even find art supplies and different papers. How about a nice water holder or a plate to mix colours on?

37. Draw or paint on a rock! Look for nice smooth rocks and make a pile of pretty painted rocks.  Can you find one in the shape of something? A heart or a face?

38. Write down and/or sketch the dream you had last night. Do you remember your dreams? I sometimes do, but not often. Dream in colour?

39. Cover a page with dots. Join some up or join them all up. Did you find a pattern? An image or some shapes?

40. Find a picture of a flower or a real life flower. Have a good look at it. Draw it as simply as you can. Only use the absolutely vital lines.

Are you doing The 100 Day Project?  I hope it is going well!

Happy Thursday x

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