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100 Days of Creative Ideas 51-70


51. Gather some lovely beads and some thread or beading wire. Make yourself a pretty necklace.

52. Let’s design some borders. Put them along the bottom of a page. Make your own stationery or a pretty card.

53. Paint some blocks of colour onto sheets of paper.  Cut out random shapes from the painted paper. Stick the shapes onto a blank page to make a stunning collage.

54. Find patterns. In the course of your day, be on the look out for patterns. As I was sitting on the plane heading to our vacation I found some shapes to make into a pattern.

55. Sketch your day. Make small sketches of things you come across in your day. A flower in bud or a ticket to  flea market. Have fun!

56. Use a funky phone app to alter a photograph.


For this photo, I put it into the Diptic app and turned the colour all the way down.  Play around, see what happens!

57. Stitch in your sketchbook. Find some cotton or embroidery thread and a nice thick needle. Either sketch a shape or go free-form and hand stitch on a page or two.

58. Make a pattern of rocks and draw it. Repeat and repeat!  You will soon have lots of rock arrangements. I picked up flat pebbles from the beach and piled them up in different ways for this exercise.


59. Make bread. I used this basic white loaf recipe from “The River Cottage” .


60. Sketch butterflies from your imagination or from a book. Use a water soluble marker to colour them. I used Tombow markers. Drip some water onto the butterflies and let them dry.  Draw lots of pretty watercolor-y butterflies!

61. Make a magazine collage garden. Cut out some flowers and grass shapes from random magazine pages. Glue them down and make a beautiful garden. Add details with pens and paint if you fancy.

62. Using an old plastic card, spread some acrylic colour onto your page. Mix it or keep the colours separate. Use the page as a background for a collage or a sketch or leave it as it is.

63. Paint a vase of flowers.

64. Write or sketch a quote.

65. Make a sketch and use some stamps for the details. I drew some shelves and filled them with stamped objects.

66. Grab a good pen, one you like, or a pencil and draw a ‘scribble tree’. Leave your pen/pencil on the page at all times and scribble draw a tree. Give it leaves or flowers, maybe a bird nest!

67. Cut out a lovely face from a magazine and cut the hair off. Stick the face down and draw her a lovely flowery hair-do!

68. Get an old book from the thrift store or library sale. Rip out a page ad draw on it. Make doodles, a pattern or a sketch. Book pages make a lovely background.

69. Paint a planet. Start with a wet circle of white watercolor paint and drop black ink and blue ink into the circle. Sprinkle salt over the whole ‘moon’. Let it dry completely and  brush off the salt.

70. Draw a cactus or two, or three.

Follow my process with the 100 day project over at Instagram at catseatdogsmakes.  Are you doing the project?  I hope it is going well, we are almost three quarters of the way through!

Happy Wednesday x

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