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Get Messy Season of Colour


You know when you have a fancy box of chocolates and you want to just dive in and try them all, but you know you need to use restraint and savor each one.  Well, this is how I am feeling this week in the Get Messy Season of Colour.  Firstly there are some great prompts which I want to try out, then I looked at the website last night and there are three new tutorials I have not looked at yet.


I want to quickly zip into each one and see what it is about, but I also want to allow myself the time to read and look at each one and of course have a go at the artistic wonders that lie within!

Before I take a run up and jump off the high board, here is my season of colour journal so far. I have taken a different approach this season, not deliberately, it just happened as do all good things in my art journals.

One evening on holiday, the boys all went out fishing and there I was, by myself with nothing to do.  Well, that didn’t last long, I gathered some brown paper bags (the ones you see in movies and think ‘how does anyone carry all of their groceries in those ridiculous brown paper bags with no handles’), some pages from the free atlas I picked up at the library and a brown bag with a handle for the cover pages.  I had bought some vintage thread at a church thrift shop so I used that to sew the book together and I made a pocket on the front to keep any work in progress or ephemera.







I don’t consider all of these pages finished, I started them all in fairly quick succession so I formed a theme pretty naturally.  Butterflies wanted to be included on all pages and I love the marbling so much I have lots of that, so it also is adorning many pages.

Most of the pages could use more, but I also like them all as they are, so I will see where my journal takes me this season.

As always I highly recommend the Get Messy community and if you want more information go to the website at

Happy Thursday x




  1. Clare, I so love this journal and of course all of your pages. I think I have paper sacks. I going to make one today. Thanks for the inspiration. Melody
    P.S. I always love your photos too.😊

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