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100 Days of Creative Ideas 71-90

Blimey we are into the final ten days of the 100 day project which seemed so far away back in April when we started.

I don’t think I have repeated any ‘ideas’, but I might have done!  I don’t look back to see if I have made a copy.  Maybe I should!

Here are ideas 71 – 90.

71. Draw a cat with your eyes closed! No peeking.

72. Cut out a picture and stick it down. Draw a frame around it. Make a gallery!

73. Watch a flower grow, draw each stage.  This would be a cool sketchbook once it is full!

74. Look in the mirror. Draw your face without looking at the paper. Keep your eyes on your face and your pen on the paper.

75. Take a page from a book and cross out all the words except a few to make a new sentence.

76. Make a pattern which looks like part of a map. Start with a small shape and use different line thicknesses and closeness to make your own topography.

77. Cut a lemon in half and draw or paint it.

78. Find a picture of something you avoid drawing normally. Trace it in as much detail as you like.

79. Punch some holes into your page and decorate around them.

80. Use the cut out circles from 79 to form negative space by using them as a mask and paint over them.

81. Stick down the painted circles from 80 to make a pattern. Draw in or around the circles.

82. Draw your pet.

83. Paint water onto the page. Splatter ink over the wet shapes and marvel at the effects.

84. Draw lots of basic faces without eyebrows. Add eyebrows at all kinds of angles and see how the expressions change.

85. Invent a key. What does it open? How? What is inside?

86. Eat ice cream!  Invent a new flavor. What colour is it? Does it have extra ‘stuff’ in it?

87. Find a picture from an old yearbook. Give them a new description or use the original yearbook one. Imagine who they are.

88. Open a book, any book. Randomly pick out a sentence or two and draw or write something inspired by these sentences. Repeat as required.

89. Open a book again. This time randomly pick out some individual words (maybe close your eyes). Use these words to write a poem or as inspiration for a sketch or even a colour swatch.

90. Make a coloring page. Photocopy it and give it to your friends!

If you want to follow along with my project and see the individual cards as I make them, go to my Instagram page at Catseatdogsmakes.

Happy Wednesday x




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