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Get Messy Art Journal Season of Fairy Tales. Week 2.


I really got stuck into the season of fairy tales this week, and I have made a good start in my hand made journal as well as some off-shoot ideas in my giant Moleskine.

Rather than follow any fairy tale in particular, I am making my pages with the general theme in mind and as a guide rather than a director. I have lots of golden circles reflecting the golden ball from The Frog Prince and this week I have painted castles and trees which I see more of in this journal as they were lovely to paint and sparked many more ideas as I created them.


I made a falling triangle stencil and painted it in a bright opera pink on a vellum page in my journal.  I like this simple but striking page over the watery trees and inky castle.



I may draw in some details to my castle but for now, I like it as it is.



Castles and forests and golden balls. My week in fairy tale art journaling.

Happy Thursday x

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