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Handmade sketchbook for the Season of Nature

I am beginning to get a bit obsessed with making books!  I love to make all the sketchbooks with different papers in different sizes with fold outs and accordions.  The more I make the more ideas I get for another one or two or three.

We are about to start the new season over in the Get Messy Art Journal community and it is going to be The Season of Nature.  I found a book called ‘A Field Guide to Animal Tracks’ not long ago and thought it would be perfect to make into a sketchbook for The Season of Nature. Once the pages were out I was ready to go!

I made two signatures and stitched one to each inside cover of the book so they open away fro each other.  I used pamphlet stitch to fasten them onto the edge of the cover.

I have made a pretty backwards book which started by stitching the papers onto the opposite side than expected, but I like the way the two books are working together already.  I have not made a gatefold like this before and I like it.

The paper inside the book is a mix of hot press watercolour paper, brown kraft paper and a couple of pages from a vintage book of nature.

It should be fun to work in and I am looking forward to filling it up!

What are your favourite sketchbooks to work in?  Do you have a regular book you like to use or do you make your own? How about a combination of bought and made?

Happy Thursday x



  1. Another beautiful journal by you! I am following not too far behind you in an obsession with hand made journals. Hoping this season to finally get messy again. See you there x

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