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The Sketchbook Project 2018










The Sketchbook Project is hosted and housed by the Brooklyn Art Library and I got my little sketchbook many months ago!

This is an amazing and unique project in that it is not curated, you buy a sketchbook, fill it up following the Art Library guidelines, send it back to Brooklyn and you are in.  Your book filled with your art is on a shelf along with the other sketchbooks waiting for someone to pick it out and browse it’s pages.

I removed the original pages and made an accordion fold out which I painted both sides of and glued it back in.

The theme I chose is ‘People I wish I knew’ and my book title is ‘Vintage names and modern faces’.  I snipped out some names from a vintage encyclopedia and glued one per page/face and painted a face onto each page. On the reverse side I painted a loose pattern.

I still think this is a wonderful project and I will be signing up for 2019!

Happy Monday x


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