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What am I going to use for a tiny art journal?

We are in a new season over at the Get Messy Art Journal community and the journal is to be small, nay, tiny.   Always up for a arty challenge I am going to try and do the tiny and see where it takes me (new glasses most likely!).

I am not sure I am going to like working small, but I will do my best and I always have options to use a larger journal if I feel the need!  In fact I am not planning to use a journal in book form at all, I am very drawn to using all kinds of papers, cards and ephemera of a small size for my tiny journaling.

So what are my options? I could use a small journal, lots of brands make perfectly good little journals full of lovely paper.  Or I could branch out and see what I can find and use.

The more I looked the more things I saw that I could use, vintage photos are usually small, paint chip colour samples, tickets, old rolodex cards, playing cards, plain paper cut into circles or tiny sheets, tiny flash cards or a small book which I could alter.

I have decided (for now) to use separate sheets or ephemera pieces for my ‘journal’ (is it still a journal if it is not bound?).  I have some watercolour paper cut up along with my tiny ephemera treasures and I want to try it all!

How about postage stamps? Have I gone too far?!

Happy Monday x




  1. I just discovered your blog. I look forward to seeing what you create for your mini journal. I love making my own journals too. 😃

      • How did you bind it? Or did you? I have been thinking of making a mini book with an accordion fold. Have you done this type of journal? 😃

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