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A day of indigo dyeing.


I was invited to a day of indigo and shibori dyeing and I jumped at the chance as I have always wanted to try shibori with an authentic indigo dye vat.  I got a little over enthusiastic with my dye victims and ended up with a length of voile, 2 yards of light jersey, watercolour paper, natural finish wood beads and an old dictionary.  All heading to the dye pot to see what effect it would have!

First up was the voile which I folded and scrunched and tied around a plastic tube to hopefully end up with a successful shibori dye pattern.  I had two yards of wide fabric so it took a minute to prepare, then into the pot!


First it went this colour


Then it went this colour.  The transitions of the dye as it develops are absolutely beautiful.  I could imagine a watercolour paint set in the colours of indigo dye from almost chartreuse to a deep deep blue.


I gave it a quick swish in some clean water and cut the strings to reveal my masterpiece, not knowing how it was going to turn out.


Ta da!  I could not be happier! My hands are blue and wet and I am having a great time!


Wood beads are soaked and ready to go indigo.


Here are the drying beads on the dictionary which also went for a dunk in the dye.  The book took on dye on some pages and some pages only got a border of colour.  I like the effect and I am looking forward to using some of the blue tinged pages in my art journal.




Once I started dipping the paper into the dye, I was hooked, the effects were stunning and even when they were rinsed in clear water, they didn’t lose any drama.  I dipped a whole collection of large papers, small sheets, concertina books and folded cards into the dye and love the monochrome landscapes which emerged.

What a wonderful experience to work with this dye and be surrounded by creative people to support and encourage the crazy lady who thought pretty much anything would be better once it had been in indigo! I am certainly pleased with all the stuff I dipped and submerged.

Have you used indigo dye or done shibori? Did you love it!?

Happy Monday x





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