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A New Sketchbook for my Holiday.

I am going on holiday soon and as usual I have to have a sketchbook ready and waiting, preferably one I have made specially.

So I squirreled about in my old book stash and Enid Blyton’s ‘Five Run away Together’ popped out as bring just the size and thickness I needed.  I got this book from the library sale cart for nostalgia reasons although I never really liked the Famous Five, I thought the Secret Seven were way cooler!

I removed the book block and kept a few illustrations for future art journaling use and added my own pages. These consist of watercolor paper and a few images from an old book of photographs. I used clear gesso on the photo pages so that I can add marks or paint when I am filling the book.

Some pages are smaller, others fold out and I included a mini accordion page because I love to work on fold out pages of all varieties.

I am hoping to find some book paper while on holiday so that I can add some ephemera and maybe more pages.

Now I have my art supplies and sketchbook sorted out, I will throw in a few clothes too!

Happy Wednesday x



  1. Where are you off to on you holibobs? I very rarely buy any art journals these days as I much prefer to make my own – it means so much more doesn’t it. I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun filling it up…enjoy!!
    PS I’m so in love with the wood behind your journal….😍

    • Hi Gilly! We are going to Cape Cod for two weeks and I can’t wait! I don’t buy many sketchbooks now either, but I always have a small moleskin for messing about in. The ‘wood’ is a printed background which I can roll out and roll up!!!

      • Have a wonderful time Clare – we were in Chatham a few years back and had a great holiday…enjoy!!
        Your roll up wood is awesome …and I had been swooning over your decking!! xx

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