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Six Word Saturday

This morning I checked on the sunflowers and I noticed these twin flowers, almost joined in the middle, but still two independent sunnies battling for the same growing space. They have only just bloomed, so I will be interested to see how they do grow. This is my Six Word Saturday.  If you have one, please share in comments or on Instagram using  #sixwordsaturday and I will come and find you! Happy Weekend x  

Weekly photos 18/52

Last week saw the arrival of May which is one of my favourite months of the year, the weather is usually lovely,  gracefully welcoming summer and by the end of the month school is out. For the photo selection this week we have: Storm clouds and treetops.  Impending storms always seem to make the light glow and these trees look so bright.  As soon as I snapped this, I got rather wet as I had forgotten an umberella! A pretty two tone seed. Someone had left a spade in the volleyball court. Massive sheet of safety glass and me. The cloud factory. School field day. The sunflowers are 5cm tall. I hope this week has started well for you, let’s see what it brings.  Happy Monday!

Sunflowers on Earth Day

As yesterday was Earth Day, we planted our Sunflower seeds.   Some were arranged nicely in pots to get them started and some were chucked into the dirt and see how they do! We are growing ‘mammoth’ sunflowers this year to see how tall we can get them.  Mr Y is having a race with Grandma and Grandad who also have ‘mammoth’ sunflowers to grow across the pond in England.    Seeds have all been planted at around the same time, so let the races begin!  Grow sunflowers grow! How tall will they get I wonder?  Rest assured I will keep you updated on the sunflower growings, photos and measurements, no details spared.  Betcha can’t wait!  We only planted them yesterday and I am already looking out for sprouts… Are you racing sunflowers?  You should!