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More fabulous finds and Hanger B Eatery

I can’t wait to hang these on a pendant or two when I get home to my jewelry equipment, they even have natural holes. I have also collected some more smooth shell shapes and pebbles which I am hoping to drill and make jewels from.

We found these empty oyster shells attached to rocks at the local beach. They are like little ready made display items or little ornaments.


Yesterday Bodhi wanted to bring back a big sea star which was a bit whiffy to say the least. After a lot of huffing and puffing he was persuaded to leave it and I said I would find him a more desirable sea star, expecting to make a trip to the gift shop which sells dried out sea critters. Little did I know that today I would find this teeny tiny fella washed up and dried out with some seaweed.

We ate at Hanger B Eatery today and they had this fab weather station! My favorite is ‘tornado = no stone’!

Hanger B at Chatham airport is one of the best places we have eaten at since we have been here and I am sure we will be back. Today I had the lemon ricotta pancakes, but I have my sights on their fish tacos for a lunchtime trip.

As you eat and relax you can watch the planes take off, land or just be pulled around the airfield.



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