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St Louis Art Museum Grand Re-Opening and ‘Stone Sea’

This weekend I am joining in with Tasha Chawner’s weekend photo prompt.  The latest prompt is ‘hands’.  I wondered what I would use for the photo for a while, then stopped thinking about it.

While we were at the St Louis Art Museum‘s grand re-opener, there was a stand where they were making seed bombs, using mud and clay with grass and flower seeds.  So my youngest got in and started rolling up seed bombs and getting nice and dirty in the process.  Well, here were my ‘hands’.  Busy making good things happen.

We have been looking forward to seeing the new wing of the museum open as we have walked by it regularly as it was being built.

We were not disappointed.  It is a lovely airy, cool space and smells of new wooden floors.  It is almost a museum in itself with the wide variety of art on show.

It was a joy to see some of my favourite pieces all housed together, from Chuck Close’s  ‘Keith’  to the ever beautiful ‘Betty’ by Gerhard Richter (the girl in the red, one of my favourite paintings in the whole wide world).

‘Spectrum II’ is spectacular as ever and I was happy to get a couple of clear shots of it with all of it’s colours.

I was very excited to see the Andy Goldsworthy ‘Stone Sea’ and it is amazing, I thought it would be all closed in, but the top is open to the elements, so it will be interesting to see how it changes over time.

I caught it today in a rain storm!

I love the way it is all crammed in and the arches all are forced to work together.

For out last visit, we walked through the new sculpture hall and outside to see the Yoko Ono ‘Wish Trees’.   We got outside and thunder greeted us, but no matter, we admired the trees and of course the ‘Stone Sea’ (in my opinion the best view is from outside looking down).

The labels and pens were grabbed and we ran for shelter to write our wishes and took turns attaching the wishes to the trees as the rain poured down.

The rain cooled the temperatures and watered our gardens and the Wish Trees, so no complaints.

We are already looking forward to our next visit to the Art Museum.  I don’t think I will ever get enough of the ‘Stone Sea’.

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