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June 2013 Photo a day

I cannot believe how fast June has zipped by (I am sure I say that every month!).  At the same time, when I look back at the photos from the beginning of the month, they seem so long ago.

We have been on holiday to Cape Cod for two whole weeks, then I was back in St Louis for about 10 minutes and I was off to New York for the Alt Summit and a lovely weekend in Brooklyn.

It has been hot and cool and wet and stormy.

I followed the A Month of… prompts from Just B Australia for most of the month, but by the last week I was back to Fat Mum Slim.  Apparently it is harder to break a habit than I thought!  I do enjoy the FMS prompts though even though they do circle round on a regular basis, but that just makes for a new photo challenge, n’est pas?!

Well, here are  my June daily snaps.

1. Tea

2. Story.

20130602-105936.jpg 3. Fabric

4. Party.  Pie from Marion’s Pie Shop!

5. Comic.  The Sassafras tree has funny leaves!

6. Game. Found these cards in a cupboard in the holiday cottage.

7. Word.  I bought a set of vintage stacking blocks at a flea market.

20130609-193936.jpg 8. House.  Moon Snail house.

9. Dress.  Beach dress/shoes

10. Mother.  Having a bonkers moment!

20130611-215403.jpg 11. Book.  Another flea market buy, just for the cover!

12. Baked.  Teeny tiny seastar, baked in the sun.

13. Art.  Shells on the beach

14. Print.  The uniform of Cape Cod!

15. Kitchen.

16. Child.  A gift from my youngest child, a set of vintage brass swans.

17. Memory.  I went to the gym and forgot my shoes!

18. Style.  Washi tape style.

19. Toy.  Another flea market buy.

20130630-194406.jpg 20. Music.  Crafts at Alt Summit – music to my soul.

20130630-194517.jpg 21. Film.  Times Square, NYC

22. Family.  Coney Island, full of families.

23. Colour.  Governor’s Island, NYC

24. Holiday.  Time to make bread for breakfast in the summer holidays.

20130630-194814.jpg25.  Hair. Very dirty hair on this pup.

26. Empty  Fat Mum Slim prompts from here.

27. Into the sun.  Nearly made star earrings.

20130630-195045.jpg 28. Red.

29. In my bag.

30. Handwriting.


A busy month indeed!  I will be following the Fat Mum Slim prompts for July.

Are you playing along?  Do you do any photo or writing or sketching challenges?  Do tell!

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  1. louslabyrinth says

    Your pics are great for the prompts, they were harder than the FMS ones! 🙂 I think the baked or dress pictures are my favourite. So summery! Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to see next month! 🙂 xoxox

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