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Making ‘catseatdogs’ jewels

I made a quick long necklace today on a complete whim.  I pulled out the top/dress I like when the weather is like the inside of an oven with no cakes, and decided I needed a long necklace to wear with it.

I have had this sliced up tagua nut set for a while and have never really decided how to use them.  Funny how all of a sudden a design pops into your head and you know exactly how to execute it.  So, I grabbed my leather and tied them on, chose a button and made a fastener with it.  Ta dah!

20130827-125828.jpg I love these simple necklaces I made last week, they are light to wear and look great together or alone.  I have some similar necklaces which I wear with everything.  They are in my Etsy store if you want to see more photos.

I washed up some buttons today which I have had a while, stored in an old cake tin which I think is the storage of choice for vintage buttons.

Do you like my new colander?  I got it at a local yard sale last weekend.  I love the stars and I couldn’t leave it behind.  I also got some little 1950’s aluminium Jello molds, they are all different shapes and all say ‘Jell-o’ on the base.  No buttons at this sale, but lots of vintage kitchen wares so I was a happy customer!


Do you like a yard sale?  I love them – treasure hunting at its best.  I am happy to walk away with nothing – honest!  Buttons beads and vintage housewares are a magnet for me though.

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