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August 2013 photo a day

Another month zips by.  I started doing the Photo a Day last September, so next month will be a full year of  daily pictures.  I looked back at Sept 2012 and it seemed like last week when I took those pictures.

I still enjoy taking the daily photos and I like to look back at them (have a look at the tab at the top of this blog and they are all there).

Day 1. Something beginning with N.

Day 2. Incomplete. Shopping list.

20130803-163759.jpg Day 3. Skyline

20130803-163820.jpg Day 4. Fresh. Simple tomato salad.

20130815-113646.jpg Day 5. Early.

20130815-113728.jpg Day 6. This means a lot to me. Bedtime books.

20130815-113834.jpg Day 7. A sign.

20130901-154935.jpg Day 8. Peek a boo

20130815-114300.jpg Day 9. 2 o clock.

20130815-114421.jpg Day 10. Beverage

20130815-114455.jpg Day 11. I love doing this. Spotting wildlife in the garden.

20130815-114540.jpg Day 12. Macro.

20130815-114645.jpg Day 13. Fast. Zooming to school on the first day back.

Day 14. Trash. I nearly threw these lizards away in the trash!

Day 15. The Best.  A postcard in the mail.

20130828-094117.jpg Day 16. Cooking.

20130828-094212.jpg Day 17. Exercise

20130828-094254.jpg Day 18. Someone you spoke to today.

20130828-094328.jpg Day 19. Lost.

20130828-094416.jpg Day 20. Stairs

20130828-130700.jpg Day 21. Slow.  Started to knit a scarf.

20130828-130753.jpg Day 22. A room

20130828-130901.jpg Day 23. Yellow

20130828-130931.jpg Day 24. In the background

20130828-131015.jpg Day 25. Culture

20130828-131042.jpg Day 26. Entrance.

20130830-120209.jpg Day 27. 10 minutes from home.

20130830-120241.jpg Day 28. Corridor.

20130830-120312.jpg Day 29. Lucky.

20130830-120403.jpg Day 30. Cluttered.

20130830-120454.jpg Day 31. Dangerous.


Some of the August prompts were not my favourite I must admit.  I didn’t love ‘Corridor’ or ‘Entrance’.  I did them though.  The hand grenades in day 31 are ‘dummy’ in case you were worried.  Found at a local Army Surplus store.

I think the photos I like best are days 9, 11, 12, 13 and 24.

If you do a photo/writing/sketching challenge, do share.

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