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Strange Donuts and St Louis Photos


Yesterday,  it was the Labor Day holiday here in the States and a local soon to open donut shop showed off it’s nearly finished doors to usher in their latest creation.  In true St Louis style they made the Gooey Butter Donut as an homage to the traditional specialty of these parts the Gooey Butter Cake.

They were very good, my boys inhaled ours in a few minutes flat.  I was quite happy that they were not the ‘size of your head’ donut which seems rather popular around here at the minute.  They were normal in size and wonderful in flavour.

Nice one Strange Donuts and long may you continue to keep us strange.  I am secretly pleased that the shop is a good mile away from us here in Brentwood.   By the time I have walked over to Maplewood, I will have earnt my donut!

I love how the interior is looking and can’t wait to see it all finished and open.  Good Luck Strange Donuts!

Remember when we went to the Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate factory  (I am spotting a St Louis sweet treats theme here!)?

I took some photos of the surrounding interesting stuff too.  I love these old signs and there are lots of them around here.  I am sure if we didn’t walk and catch public transport, I would miss lots of photos.

Happy Tuesday!


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