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Long necklaces to short





I was out last week and wanted to wear my wood long necklace, but as a short three strand.  Usually when I wear a long necklace wrapped around my neck more than once, it ends up strangling me when one strand goes tight.

So, I grabbed a piece of silk ribbon and once the necklace was on, I tied the ribbon in a bow at the back to hold all of the strands evenly together.

I have included some examples of the ribbon tie in action on different necklaces and the long wood necklace as a two and a three strand.

Playing with jewelry is one of my favourite things, necklace to bracelet, necklace to ankle bracelet, bracelets linked together to necklace.  So, of course I love the little ribbon tie which could also be a big floppy ribbon, or a lovely brooch worn at the front as a focal.  I would do a picture of a necklace with a brooch, but I don’t actually own a brooch.  I know, I am shocked too, I need a natty vintage brooch!

If you do this with a fabulous brooch, don’t forget to share!

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