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Birthday cake

I made an Army birthday cake for Mr.Y.


I had the best time making it! I used a chocolate cake recipe I like, but you could use a bought plain cake and it would still work fine.
I made the cakes in two 8inch round pans, let them cool and made a chocolate ganache for the ‘icing’
When the cakes had cooled, I broke them up and mixed them up with a couple of tablespoons of jam, then piled the whole lot on a big plate and arranged it into a cake hill. I did feel a bit decadent making perfectly nice cakes then tearing them up!
The ganache got poured over the top and left to do it’s thing as it dripped and pooled on the cake pile. Hey, I think I just invented a new thing-‘cake pile’!
I added toy soldiers, green sanding sugar, crushed Maltesters, Ripple bars and chocolate twigs (like Matchmakers in the UK).
Slicing this cake might be a problem! Maybe best just to grab a handful.
Do you make cakes for special occasions? Mine don’t always turn out, but I am happy with this one.

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