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My Instagram shots as cards

I have ordered teeny tiny cards and stickers from Prinstagram in the past,  so when they said they made proper cards for sending in the mail,  old school,  with a stamp and writing,   I needed some!  You can print a different Instagram picture (from your account) on each, so I decided to make a mix of regular cards and Christmas cards.

You just choose from your Instagram stash,  which is a dilemma in itself.  Which to use?!

I printed a few of Bodhi on his skateboard so that he has birthday thank-you cards.   Yes, I make my kids send out thank  you cards for presents received, and it helps if the card has one of your own photos on it I think.

The cards arrived today and they are fab!  If you are expecting a Christmas or  a thank you card from me, you may need to prise it await from me, I like all of the cards so much!

Do you send real cards made from paper with a stamp?  Or do you prefer cyber cards?






  1. These are great! Maybe I should do the same. It would save time not having to take a picture.

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