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Nests as pendants

I haven’t made a birdy nest for a while and I was happy to get making the little cute pies again.
These new nests hang on ball chain which gives a nice casual look with a pretty little nest and eggs inside it.

People often associate the nests with how many children they have (or how many they wish for). The eggs in the nests are pearls, glass or semi precious stones. One of my favourites here is the nest with the rose quartz eggs.


  1. Su Leslie says

    These are really gorgeous. I’m an earring person and I can imagine tiny earring nests.

      • Su Leslie says

        I think it would be cool if they don’t match. My favourite earrings are a pair my son bought; same snap, size and colour scheme but different patterns of resin inlaid in silver. They’re gorgeous – or were until I dropped one and hubby ran it over with lawn mower! Now you’ve got me thinking about making asymmetric earrings. Another project to add to my list. 🙂

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