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2013 photo review

I did a photo review of 2012 and it was fun to look back at it.   So, I thought I would do it again for 2013, I spot a theme forming.

As usual it is so hard to pick only one photo per month, but I managed.  Here is 2013 in pics.

Bikes at Junque Salvage.  January 2013

January.  Even though it is usually freezing cold in the winter, at least the blue skies stay with us. This was a trip to Junque in St Louis, a truck full of bikes. I don’t always find treasure here, but I usually get a great photo.

Rainbow.  February 2013.February.  We snapped this rainbow on the way to school one February morning.

Hippo.  March 2013.March.  This photo of the hippo at the St Louis Zoo is still one of my favourites. I was also quite surprised at how many times we visited the zoo last year.  Visiting with the animals never gets old!

Toy Teeth.  April 2013April.  Toy Teeth from the school picnic.  Mr.Y won these and gave them to me, they wind up at the side and hop about!

Plant sale.  May 2013.May.  School has a annual plant sale and we always need to take the wagon to bring home our buys.

Cape Cod.  June 2013.

 June. Chatham Beach, Cape Cod where we spent a two week holiday.  I like that these view finders look like they are having a friendly chat among themselves.  I wonder what they are discussing?
July.  These flowers were arranged for a photo prompt ‘Red, White or Blue’.  I decided on all three.
Sunflower. August 2013.
August.  Our neighbour grew the best sunflower this summer and I managed to get some great close ups on my phone.
Skateboarding to karate. September 2013.
September.  Skateboarding to karate is the only way to get there!
October.  This was a teeny tiny squash which we managed to carve.
Leaf pile.  November 2013.
November.  Leaf pile time!  We only rake leaves to make piles to throw about.

Pom pom advent.  December 2013.

December.  The finished pom pom elf advent calendar with a Santa elf as the last one!

I have a good feeling about 2014, so let’s go and grab it – nicely, no pinching or squeezing please.

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