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Multicultural Children’s Book Day is coming


Next Monday, January 27th 2014 is the very first ever in the whole wide world –  Multicultural Children’s Book Day.

It is the wonderful brainchild of Mia at Pragmatic Mom and Valarie  of Jump into a Book, both blogs are chock full of book recommendations, go and have a look.  It will be a day to begin many days of reading about different cultures and the stories within.  Or even well known stories set within a new culture.  I think we have read every connotation of the Cinderella story over the years and enjoyed them all.

I received an e mail a few weeks ago to see if I  wanted to be part of this extravaganza of reading, and  review a book connected to  Multicultural Children’s Book Day here on my little blog.   My pleasure.

I love books and I love love childrens books and I love love love picture books. In fact I am hanging onto any situation where I can pull out a pile of picture books to read to my kids, ok, now just the youngest.   We just had our share of flu (boo) and out came a whole heap of Scooby Doo books and we read them all plus a load of other books.  Yay!  What will I do when he no longer wants to be read to? Throw myself at the mercy of the younger grades at school or offer my services to the children’s library, that’s what!

Want a book reading aloud? Pick me!

So I considered it my lucky day when our third grade teacher agreed to let me read ‘The Girl with a Brave Heart.  A Tale from Tehran‘  by Rita Jahanforuz and Vali Mintz to the class tomorrow.  This book is still full of gorgeous illustrations, but also lots of story, so a good compromise for the older kids.  We are going to have a read and then a little chat about the book and what they all think and what it made us all think about.   We have a pretty multicultural class so it will be interesting to hear their views and thoughts.  The book is a classic fairy tale  story with a couple of interesting twists and turns along the way which I will be interested to see what the kids make of it.

What are your favourite multicultural books?  Look for my (with a little help from third grade) review of ‘The Girl with a Brave Heart’ on Monday – Multicultural Children’s Book Day 2014.


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