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Through the Lens Thursday. White.


I am enjoying participating in Through the Lens Thursday.  It makes sure I use my camera at least once a week and on manual only.  I do only use manual now, sometimes I seem to take terrible picture after terrible picture, but I don’t flick back to auto.  I either persevere or grab my phone!!!  Ha, what a cheat!

I think this picture worked though, I like the white (cream I suppose) vintage thread on it’s lovely wooden reel with the white snow as background.

I also spotted this white (once) stool at school yesterday when I was taking some photos of jewelry in the art room.  The room has great light, so I thought I would try taking some product photos in there and of course I can never focus on just one thing so I snapped a quick pic of this stool.  I love that it is clearly an art room stool and well used.

Next week’s theme is ‘Reflection’, so I need to keep my eyes open and my imagination alert for that one.



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