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Pom pom Heart

I made a little pom pom heart for you.   Look!

This would be a great little Valentine craft for kids, it takes a while, but not too long and they can mix in colours or make them a solid colour. I made my mini pom poms from a mix of pinks and reds. I was interested to see how the colours came through as to be honest, I have never mixed colours before, always used one colour per pom pom. I liked my little multi colour experiment and I am inspired to do more and trying to direct the colours where I want them instead of randomly like these.
Want to make a pom pom heart?
Make three pom poms, all the same size. I made pretty small ones (about two inches across), but you can make them any size you like.


Sew the pom poms together using the same wool, two on the top, one underneath, making a basic heart shape.
Leave one strand to hang with and trim the pom pom heart to get a better shape. Trim gently and gradually to get an even look, not a bad pom pom hair cut.
Make one for you and lots for your loves!

I want to make lots now!  They would look great in a big clear glass vase or as a garland or all tied together to hang like an upside down bunch of flowers.  Hurrah for pom poms and making them into fab things like hearts.

Do you make Valentines?  Do your kids like to make cards for their class mates?  I still find it a bit strange that the kids in Elementary school here in the States give cards to the whole class.  I think the whole card giving thing passed me by until boys became interesting when I was a teenager.  Then of course there was the Valentine’s Day angst of no cards.

So, maybe it is best to give them to everyone…especially a lovely handmade card or a little something like a pom pom heart!


  1. Super cute! I want to make some….
    I remember our highschool did fundraising by allowing kids to buy roses for each other on valentine’s day. It was horrific. All the snobby girls would send themselves or eachother secret admirer roses and break the hearts of all the other girls (and probably some boys too).
    In hindsight, perhaps I should have sent myself a rose each year to cheer myself up. I’m now convinced none of the boys bought any of the roses!

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