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5/52 Weekly Photos, Yellow and Living Arrows

This week I tried to find cool yellow things which is hard.  All I could see was road markings and traffic signs.  Then, at the weekend, we went to the Upcycle Exchange where they sell all sorts of crafty bits and bobs as well as vintage fabric-ness.  I found the lovely spotted yellow scarf there and continued to find all sorts of yellow through the day!

So my yellow train barriers and fire hydrant had some yellow company.  Thanks to Hula Seventy and Xanthe Berkeley for hosting this  colourful photo gathering opportunity.

Onto the weekly photos.  This week has been cold and sunny and cold and cloudy and rainy then icy!  We had a very slippery walk to karate on Friday evening. At one point Mr.Y and I both went down on a sloping drive, every time we tried to get up, down we went.   The giggling may not have helped, but crawling and sliding to the grass verge did help us get up!    Sorry, no photos of that.  I do have photos of our weekend wandering around The Grove area of St Louis and snapping the wall art.

And I had my hair cut!





This photo of Mr.Y inspired by  the Living Arrows project hosted by I Heart Snapping.  I am hoping to snap a photo of one of the boys, or both of them every week to include as a Living Arrow.  I am finding so many fab blogs and projects this year!  Love it!


  1. Jeanette says

    There is something about yellow that just makes me smile. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!

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