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7/52 Weekly photos

First up this week are the weekly Color/Colour photos.  Green was the chosen colour last week and photo shooting was headed up by Xanthe and Andrea and Instagrammed in style under #color/colour.   I managed to spot some green walls, green trees and a fab old Robin Hood book.

The other part of todays photo collection is an assignment from Blog With Pip which is a fantabulous e course I am doing.  The course runs at intervals through the year and I recommend it highly, just the right combination of techy brain work and creative fun stuff.  Headed up by Pip of Meet Me At Mikes.

The homework was to take five photos over the weekend and here they are.  All of mine were taken in the antique mall close to where we live.

I managed to leave everything there, although I nearly gave into the cute sunflower salt and pepper pots and the Satellite Camera.

Must. Resist. Cool. Old. Stuff.





20140217-100510.jpgI snapped this last one while we were walking home from school one day last week and I clambered through the snowy trees to get a look at this hollow tree stump with a perfect snowy top.


Did you have a good week last week?  I hope so!  Here’s to another super week, hopefully with some sunshine and lots of good things.


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